Portable distributor - plastic - EVOBOX - XL

BALS-Prd.-Nr 5203002
EAN/Piece 4024941872959
Packaging Unit 1   Piece
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BALS-Prd.-Nr 5203002
EAN 4024941872959
Product category EVOBOX - XL
Protection degree IP54
Colour of appliance Housing bottom simular black RAL 9017
Housing top simular black RAL 9017
Height 700mm
Width 600mm
Depth 400mm
Version ETIM-9
Class EC000379 - CEE socket outlet combination (IEC 60309)
CEE socket outlet 16 A 4x16A5p400V
CEE socket outlet 32 A 4x32A5p400V
CEE socket outlet 63 A 2x63A5p400V
CEE socket outlet 125 A 1x125A5p400V
Number of socket outlets with protective contact CEE 7/3 (type F) 9
Number of socket outlets Danish standard (earthing pin) 0
Other fixtures and/or empty locations 2
Protection Overcurrent switch
Earth leakage switch Earth leakage switch with IFN 30 mA (standard)
Number of miniature circuit breakers (MCB) 26
Housing material Plastic
Power supply/connection possibility Built-up plug
Type of mains connection CEE 125 A
Cable length 0
Handling Portable
Degree of protection (IP) IP54
Military model FALSE
Height 700
Width 600
Depth 400
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