Electrical engineering for industry and trade

Total range: Plugs and distributors for industry and trade

As a specialist for industrial electrical engineering, we are responsile for the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Flexibility, a lean organization and the highest level of security for our distribution solutions are our guiding principles. Our holistic product range includes plug devices and power distributors a variety of electrical equipment.

Since our products are used in all conceivable industries, they must meet special requirements such as the efficient and innovative distribution of data and energy. For use in food production plants, the automotive industry, in aircraft construction, in power plants, in heavy industry, in refineries, in the chemical industry, at Deutsche Bahn or in shipyards, perfect power supplies must be guaranteed, as thes e industrial areas are often subject to difficult conditions, because the work environment is often extremely rough and demanding..

We also take special note of individual and customer specific requirements in the individual production departments, becaus e for us the distribution of energy and data means quality and no compromises. Mobile power supply is also one of the key work requirements in many industries. The result of intensive development work is therefore products that are designed to distribute data and electricity effectively and mobile in all industrial sectors.

Our portfolio also includes patented innovations. In 1998, we were the first manufacturer in the world to develop connectors with maintenance free “Quick Connect” technology. This groundbreaking idea has become the standard connection technology in the German electrical trade.

Digitalization and the mobility of tomorrow are the future. For this reason, we have transferred our core competence, safe connection technology, to electromobility. As a specialist, we therefore offer a comprehensive range of system components and thus get electromobility rolling.

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