Portable distributor compact - rubber - Distributor solid rubber

BALS-Prd.-Nr 53213
EAN/Piece 4024941532136
Packaging Unit 1   Piece
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BALS-Prd.-Nr 53213
EAN 4024941532136
Product category Distributor, solid rubber
Specification/Norm DIN EN 61439-2
Protection degree IP44
Colour of appliance Housing bottom simular black RAL 9017
Housing top simular black RAL 9017
Height 88mm
Width 365mm
Depth 120mm
Nominal current InA 16
Weight/pcs 3.78 kg / Piece
Packaging Carton
Content amount 1 ST
EAN 4024941532136
Length 560 mm
Width 215 mm
Height 260 mm
Weight 4.242 kg
Volume 26,400 ccm
Surcharge type Kupfer
Materialbase 150 EUR per 100 Kilogram
Included weight of material 0.24 Kilogram per 1 Piece
Version ETIM-7
Class EC000379 - CEE socket outlet combination
CEE socket outlet 16 A None
CEE socket outlet 63 A None
CEE socket outlet 32 A None
CEE socket outlet 125 A None
Number of socket outlets with protective contact 4
Other fixtures and/or empty locations 0
Earth leakage switch Earth leakage switch with IFN 30 mA (standard)
Power supply/connection possibility Feeder cable with plug
Type of mains connection CEE 16 A
Cable length 2
Military model FALSE
Handling Portable
Degree of protection (IP) IP44
Height 88
Width 365
Depth 120
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