Plugs and sockets

Plugs and sockets for industry and trade - from CEE sockets to phase inverters

For more than 60 years we have been producing plugs and sockets for electrical engineering of the highest quality and in a large selection for industry and trade.

The industrial and special plugs and sockets are manufactured according to the specifications of the international standard IEC 60309-1-2. You can expect quality products from us that will meet your requirements 100%.
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A large selection of Bals connectors

We manufacture plugs and sockets in different variants and thus cover all your needs for different connection solutions for the industry.

Our connectors at a glance:

● CEE sockets
● CEE plugs and appliance inlets
● CEE connectors
● CEE wall mounted sockets switched interlocked
● Phase inverters
● Plugs and sockets domestic type
● DC plugs and sockets
● Low voltage plugs and sockets
● Event plugs and sockets
● TN military purpose
● Explosion proved plugs and sockets
● Phase sequence indicators
● Accessories plugs and sockets

Plugs and sockets - Definition

The generic term "plugs and sockets" stands for electrical connection systems that are used in devices that do not require a main switch. A plug device must have a leading contact of the protective conductor when plugging in and a lagging disconnection of the protective conductor when unplugging.

What distinguishes the Bals connectors?

All our products in the plugs and sockets category are at least IP44 certified. Protection class IP44 designates products that are protected against splash water and coarse dirt and are therefore not directly damaged by the effects of water.

On the other hand, our connectors, which comply with the IP67 degree of protection, offer protection against temporary immersion in water and are also dustproof. The high-quality Bals connectors are also dimensionally stable and stable even with high heat generation and rough operating areas.

If you have any questions about our connectors for industry, trade and more, we are at your disposal. Contact us today.