CEE sockets

CEE sockets tailored to the demands of industry

Customers around the world have been relying on the CEE sockets from the manufacturer Bals for over 60 years. With a lot of experience and know-how, we produce our CEE sockets in numerous standard sizes, in many voltages from 110V to 690V and in all standardized currents such as from 16A to 125A. The industrial sockets in our range are at least IP44 certified and therefore fit into a variety of environments.

You will also find many supplementary products from us, such as CEE plugs and CEE mobile and wall distributors. Discover our product portfolio now.

Which CEE socket types are available from Bals?

In our wide range of CEE socket types you will find the right variant for numerous different applications:

● CEE wall mounted sockets - with external attachment, also for containers and with PSK locking

● CEE panel mounted socket angled - also lockable, with PSK locking or with pilot or NO and NC contact

● CEE panel-mounted socket straight – also especially for the theater and media area and for containers

● CEE sockets flush-mounted

● CEE wall mounted sockets resistant to chemicals

● CEE combined wall sockets - wired ready for connection, also with fuse base or with terminals without wiring, Belgian-French system

All of these CEE socket types are also available with different housing sizes:

What IP degrees of protection can CEE sockets have? 

CEE sockets fall into certain protection categories (International Protection, IP for short). The IP protection class of an industrial socket provides information about the applications for which it can be used, i.e. to what extent it offers users the necessary protection.

The Bals product portfolio currently includes CEE sockets with the following degrees of protection:

● CEE sockets with IP44: The socket is adequately protected against foreign bodies such as coarse sand and splash water and can be used in a corresponding outdoor area.

● CEE sockets with IP54: Such a socket is protected against damage from penetrating foreign bodies and against splashing water.

● CEE sockets with IP55: A socket with IP55 is extremely insensitive to dust, ensures complete protection against accidental contact and is protected against water jets from any angle.

● CEE sockets with IP67: These sockets are dustproof and can remain under water up to a maximum depth of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes.

For what amperage are the CEE sockets from Bals suitable?

As with the CEE plugs, the amperage also plays a decisive role with the CEE sockets. In the assortment of the manufacturer Bals you will find power sockets for the following amperages depending on the category:

● CEE plug 16A

● CEE plug 32A

● CEE plug 63A

● CEE plug 125A

If you have any questions about our industrial sockets or about our innovations such as the QUICK CONNECT system, we are at your disposal. Contact us today.