Plug and sockets for event technology

Plugs and sockets from Bals Elektrotechnik not only meet all specific requirements in the area of industrial applications, but also sporting events, trade fairs and festivals are among the areas that depend on a reliable and temporary energy supply. In this environment in particular issues such as load monitoring and weather protection play a central role, because every successful event depends on a faultless, reliable and secure power supply. For this reason, you can rely on our plugs, connectors and sockets, certified by numerous testing institutions, they are guaranteed to be the right choice for event organizers and trade fair operators.

In addition, our plugs and sockets are also precisely matched to the special requirements with regard to their product design. Its black housing prevents light reflections and fits almost invisibly and does not interfere with the scenery.

The product range extends from plugs and couplings to add on sockets and flange device plugs. All plug devices meet the requirements o f IEC 60309 1/2. The variants IP44 and IP67 are available as degrees of protection. In addition, our connectors are available with a wide variety of connection technologies.