Explosion proved plugs and sockets

Bals has been manufacturing plugs and sockets for industry and trade for over 60 years, including special solutions. Here you will find our entire range of explosion proof products. These are used for prevention and protection against explosions, which can be caused, for example, by incorrect behavior or incorrect operation of sparks, short circuits or hot surfaces.

Our EX products are designed and produced in accordance with the latest ATEX guidelines and therefore always comply with the latest standards. Compliance with these standards thus ensures the maximum safety of our products in all IEC protection zones.

Explosion proof connectors are available in different versions for the different protection zones. This includes plugs and sockets to avoid explosions when handling gas and dust. Our range includes EX plugs, EX plugs for low voltages, explosion proved wall mounted sockets (can be switched off) and EX wall mounted sockets for low voltages.

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