Low voltage plugs and sockets

For more than 60 years, Bals has been producing connectors according to IEC 60309 1-2 for industrial applications in the certified manufacturing process, including numerous connectors for cable connections in the low-voltage range (≤ 50 V AC), which is one of the low voltages. 

Accordingly, the nominal voltage value of the low-voltage plug-in devices from Bals is limited to a maximum of 50V. Low-voltage connectors serve as a protective measure because they are preferred for 
Working in an environment made of conductive materials such as used in power plant construction, boiler plants and pipe construction or under similar conditions with limited freedom of movement.

The low-voltage connectors are available as plugs, connectors, wall mounted sockets, panel mounting sockets and as appliance inlets. As well as in 2- and 3-pole versions and for currents up to 16 A, 32 A or 63 A. To protect against chemicals and mechanical damage, the housings are made of  polyamide. All low voltage connectors are certified to IP 44.