Phase inverters

Bals has stood for high-quality and safe connectors according to IEC 60309 1-2 for over 60 years, which are manufactured in a certified manufacturing process for industrial applications. In addition to industrial connectors, our range also includes phase inverters.

Three phase installations normally have a clockwise rotating field, which in practice, however, is not always given by the correct assignment order of the outer conductors.So it can happen that connected motors do not turn in the expected direction of rotation. Therefore phase inverters are used for all work in craft, construction site and industrial areas. Bals phase inverters offer an uncomplicated solution to reverse the direction of rotation of three phase machines.

The phase inverter is also suitable for internationally standardized plug devices. Its housing made of impact-resistant polyamide underlines the robustness of the phase inverter. In addition, the phase inverter is splash proof at least through IP44. Our IP67 certified phase inverters offer protection against temporary immersion in water and are dustproof.