Plugs and sockets domestic type

The family owned company Bals has been developing plugs and sockets in the certified manufacturing process for over 60 years. This also includes the so called plugs and sockets domestic type.

Plugs and sockets domestic type are a system of plugs and sockets that is widespread in Europe and is known for its high level of security. Because the leading contact allows the protecting plug in devices to be inserted and disconnected as intended under electrical voltage. In addition, protection against accidental contact is provided in that the collar of the socket/connector covers the entire base area of the plug device, so that the contact only takes place after the plug has been inserted halfway.

Bals plugs and sockets domestic type are available for a wide range of applications. Regardless of whether it is used in power plants, on construction sites or for other industrial areas, our plugs and sockets are safe and well connected even in the toughest applications.

Even for the highest demands on robustness, dust and water protection, plugs and sockets domestic type are at least protection degree of IP44 certified.