Plugs and sockets for military purposes

The army, the air force and the navy are all military areas that are particularly dependent on a perfect power supply. Military applications such as navigation, radar and above all, electronic warfare are becoming increasingly important, particularly in today's world. This means that specific requirements continue to grow.

For this reason, we at Bals have developed connectors specifically for military purposes. Extreme temperature resistance, absolutely dust and sand tight, protection against temporary immersion and also shock and vibration resistant.

As a specialist in industrial plugs and sockets, it was our aim to develop a perfect connection solution exactly according to military needs. Therefore, all products for military are at least IP67 for the conditions of particularly harsh environments. When it comes to product design, the camouflage green housing of the connectors fits sea mlessly into military applications.

The product range extends from CEE plugs, sockets and connectors to domestic type plugs and sockets.