Industrial & special connectors for industry and trade

Here you will find our entire range of industrial and special connectors. These serve as a secure connection for efficient and optimal energy distribution. Our products ar e designed in such a way that they are suitable for commercial and industrial use, even under the most difficult conditions.

The industrial and special connectors are manufactured in accordance with the international standard IEC 60309 1 2, because the IEC specifies the standard for "plugs, sockets and connectors for industrial applications". Industrial and special connectors are available in different versions. Our range includes industrial plug devices such as sockets, plugs and device plugs, connectors and wall sockets.The special plug-in devices include phase inverters, domestic type socket and plug devices, DC voltage plug-in devices, low voltage plug-in devices, explosion proof plug-in devices as well as plug-in devices for events and the military and rotary field direction indicators. Depending on the nominal voltage and frequency, the housing of the plug and coupling are marked in color.

All of our products are at least IP44 certified. Degree of protection IP44 means that our industrial and special plug-in devices are protected against splash water and therefore do not get damaged directly when exposed to water.The industrial and special plug in devices, which correspond to protection class IP67, on the other hand, offer protection against te mporary immersion in water and are also dustproof.In addition, our plug in devices are dimensionally stable and stable even when there is high heat development and rough operating areas.

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